Recording Sessions

Quartet Arrangement Work
Working on a string quartet arrangement for Brian Saunders.

I have been composing and recording with rock and folk musicians for over 20 years. My usual approach is to create my cello arrangements prior to the recording session, often coming up with multiple cello parts in order to best compliment each song. I have also created string quartet arrangements and organized the players for sessions. I am also available to just show up and play parts that are already scored. I have worked in many Seattle area studios including Crackle & Pop!, Avast, Jupiter, Red Room, Bob Lang, and The Laundry Room.

If you are interested in putting cello or multiple string instruments on your record, please contact me at

Here is a partial list of the artists with whom I have recorded:

Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen, Black Love, 1965

Maggie Bjorklund – Coming Home, Shaken

Visqueen – Message to Garcia

Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands – Cody’s Dream, Tess

Ian Moore – Aerie

Rusty Willoughby – Cobirds Unite, Adult Soft Record

Twilight Singers – Twilight as Sung By the Twilight Singers

Greg Dulli – Live at the Triple Door

Half Light – Things to Figure Out, The Lost Album

Whiting Tennis – Every Night I’m Killing

Bronwynne Brent – Stardust

Puberty – S/T

Pigface – Fook, Notes From Thee Underground, Truth Will Out

Val D’Alessio – The Sunny Side

Sophie Larson – Anchor Me, Running From Ourselves

Shelby Earl – This Christmas Is For Us

Nathan Wade and the Dark Pioneers – The Gospel of Rust

Department of Energy – Faster

Maldives – Adult Life

Eileen Cuba – That Chair

Roundhead – Breathe, Aim, Slack, Squeeze; Witchy, Creature Comfort

Throneberry – Sangria

Other artists: Charlie Faye, Sam Russell, Bob Bost, Aaron Mannino, Ghost Lobby, Brian Saunders, Kristy Cameron, Star Anna, Oliver Underwood, Rande Reed, Demon Rind, Shaved Hamster, J.R. Rhodes, Whitney Monge, Mono No Aware, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, Pineola, Johnny Sangster

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Cello Lessons in Skagit County, Bellingham

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